31 March, 2010

She has turns 2 years old!

Oh my, how time flies! My precious baby, Tasnim Imtinan has turns 2. Physically, she looks much more like a 3 years old kid. Obviously she inherit the height from me :-). She talks a lot even most of the time we hardly can understand her 'pelat' ascent. Sometimes she can be a little drama queen. She can suddenly crying out loud when she is seeking for an attention especially from her Atuk. She can sing along when she hear her favourite songs, she will talk to herself in front of the mirror or she will come near her Nenek and whispering to the old lady like there is really a big secret to share with. But the most enjoyable part is when she's calling me 'Ibu!Ibu!' then run to me and hug me tightly. No words can describe the feeling, aite mothers?

We just had a small celebration at our house last weekend. Actually, i'm not planning any birthday party  for my kinting this year but since her Nenek really insist to celebrate her grandchildren birthday so i've decided to fulfill her request then. I made steamboat & my mom made vanilla pudding with fruit cocktail as dessert and baked macaroni Malaysian style. I cooked rice and ask for my mom help to make a chinese fried rice as complementary dish for my steamboat. I also baked a marble cake with vanilla,chocolate & strawberry flavour. It's remind me of  the time when my mom baked the same cake for my 8th birthday and now i'm baking the cake for my child. Seems ironic.

Well, i feel sleepy already. Better let the pictures do the talking now.

Theme : Upin & Ipin. My little girl really adores these local cartoon characters. Please excuse my messy cake decorations. Have to admit i'm not good at it. Need more and more practise, huhuh.

Brought by my cousin. She's working at Secret Recipe so she got the staff price for this yummy brownies. I ate the balance of the cake with vanilla ice cream :-)

This decoration was done by my sister. She also prepared a cute party hat for si kinting from the same theme. I'm lovin' it!

Menu of the day. Testing up my new steamboat pot and this is my 2nd time of using it. I'm glad everyone love the steamboat. Hmm..so most probably there will be another steamboat session soon. Heheh.

This time she already knew how to blow the candles and she can't wait to do it. Then i help her cut the cake. She really behave herself that time.

Tasnim with my cousin, my SIL, her Atuk, Nenek & Yaya (her cousin) and Nek Lang. Seems like she enjoy being a birthday girl. 

For Tasnim Imtinan, Ibu can only afford a simple small birthday party for you, my love. But i will try my best to raised you up healthily, brilliantly and well mannered. Dont forget this dear, Ibu & Babah love you!


  1. hepi belated besday tasnim ehehhe best la ibu tasnim neh wat besday pary dia yg siap ader steamboat huhuhu

  2. heppi belated bestday tasnim ..meriahnya party ;-)

  3. anna : Tengs for the wish. Hurms,sebenarnya saja buat steamboat sebab bendalah tu tak renyah nak buat, renehkan sup ayam ngan tomyam aje. (Nampak sgt akak pemalas..huhu!) Cuma bab bebahan nak makan tu je la, nak kena variety baru best. Lagi banyak seafood lagi best kan?

  4. diana : toche-toche. dah dua tahun boleh la nak bagi Tasnim adik..hehehe. Tu lah, meriah dgn kehadiran family, sedara mara & in laws :D.


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