20 July, 2012

One lovely blog award

Maceh Ayu untuk anugerah blog ittew. Memang berpatutan dan bersesuaian bukan? From a lovely blogger to another lovely blogger..isn't that lovely? Ihiks-ihiks. Okay, tahu..tergewdix sudah.

Ya, menerima anugerah tanpa sesi soal jawab adalah tidak sah. Maka ini dia;

What is your favourite dessert?
I'm a sweet tooth person so i enjoy eating dessert. Dari pengat, puding, kuih-muih, kek, aiskrim. I will feel something is missing if i'm having a meal without a dessert. Parok okeh, parok.

When you're upset, what do you do?
Cry (fragile, huh?). Eat. Sleep. Karaoke. Shopping. Talk to myself, haha.

What was your favourite pet?
Cats. Call me Ummu Hurairah. I can't accept any reptiles or amphibians as pets. Meremang bulu roma.

What do you prefer to wear, black or white?
Black, i hardly wear white because for me white clothes get dirty easily (malas nak menjaga kaedahnya). But white is nice, white is classy ;-)

What is your biggest fear?
Lost faith in religion.

What is perfection to you?
  Living life meaningfully.

What is your attitude mostly?
Non-judgemental & sarcastic but sometimes my sarcasticness can lead a misunderstanding to others.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Shoes. Accessories. Clothes. And of course fooooOOoooods.

Sila la amik ye kengkawan.

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